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Paying Chief Executives: Fortune Favours the Boss

In the current issue of The Economist, Ira Kay is featured in the article Paying Chief Executives: Fortune Favours the Boss. Continue reading

The Legacy of Executive Compensation–World at Work

In the November issue of WorkSpan, Ira Kay is featured as one of  The People, Events and Developments that Made the Profession What it is Today.  Click here to read the full article.  

CEO Realizable Pay and Performance: A 10-Year Analysis

Introduction The intense spotlight on executive pay centers on the relationship between pay and performance for CEOs. Legacy pay-setting practices and proxy advisory firm models have largely relied upon comparisons of pay derived from disclosure in the Summary Compensation Table … Continue reading

CEO/Employee Pay Ratio Will Not Improve Corporate Governance

Highlights of Executive Compensation Opinion Survey of U.S. Company Directors New York, November 12, 2013 – A mere 18% of directors believe the SEC’s new CEO/median employee pay ratio disclosure will actually improve corporate governance, according to an opinion survey … Continue reading

A 2013 Opinion Survey of Compensation Committee Members

We are pleased to bring you our collaboration with NYSE Governance Services and Corporate Board Member:
A 2013 Opinion Survey of Compensation Committee Members. Continue reading

Executive Compensation: A 2013 Opinion Survey of Compensation Committee Members

Please click the attached newsletter to see an opinion survey that we developed along with the NYSE. We had more than 300 responses to this survey.  For more information, please contact us by clicking here.

The Impact of ISS “Qualitative” Factors on ISS “FOR” and “AGAINST” Recommendations and Say on Pay Votes

Say on pay (SOP) vote results continue to indicate that shareholders seem to be endorsing the executive pay model. Continue reading

Executive Compensation in the Manufacturing Sector: “The Rust Belt Transformed”

A Pay Governance study of executive compensation programs at 175 publicly-traded manufacturing companies reveals that, despite a “rust belt” reputation, companies in this sector are employing not only contemporary program designs, but also leading edge solutions for ensuring pay and performance alignment. Continue reading

CEO Career Pay: A Strategy for Increasing Long-Term Pay for Performance

Key institutional shareholders use CEO pay for performance as a critical consideration in determining how to vote on Say on Pay, especially as a CEO’s tenure grows and company returns increasingly reflect the incumbent’s strategies and performance. Continue reading

Did You Intend That End-of-Career Pay Cut?

Driven by volatile stock markets, stock option expensing, and shareholder advisory firm mischaracterization of stock options as non-performance-based compensation, many companies have significantly shifted away from stock options toward service-based restricted stock and/or long-term performance plans such as performance shares, performance share units, or performance cash units. Continue reading

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