Monthly Archives: April 2013

Building Peer Groups: A Comprehensive Approach to Provide Decision-Quality Information

Critics of executive compensation suggest that CEO pay escalates because companies chase an ever-rising market median driven by comparisons to even larger peer companies and… Continue reading

ISS and Say on Pay: Early Impressions A Murky Methodology Becomes Murkier

The third Say on Pay season is underway and Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) is continuing to exert its considerable influence on investors through its voting recommendations. Continue reading

Swiss Voters Go For Binding Say-on-Pay: Strenuous Compensation Restrictions To Be Imposed In Renown Free Market

On March 3, 2013, voters in Switzerland made headlines by approving the Minder Initiative, giving shareholders far-reaching influence over the executive compensation and governance matters of publicly traded Swiss companies. Continue reading

The Growing Risk of “One Size Fits All” Plans

Opinion piece in recent Agenda article featuring Ira Kay and John Sinkular. Continue reading

Say-on-Golden Parachute Proposals Drawing Pressure from Investors

According to ISS, there have been 140 say-on-golden parachute votes since this Dodd-Frank rule went into effect in January, 2011 Continue reading

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