A 2013 Opinion Survey of Compensation Committee Members

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NYSE Governance Services and Corporate Board Member:  

A 2013 Opinion Survey of Compensation Committee Members  

 NYSE Governance Services, Corporate Board Member and Pay Governance LLC collaborated in the fall of 2013 to survey the opinions of compensation committee members at U.S. publicly traded companies to solicit their views regarding the state of executive pay in today’s environment. Specifically, the survey sought to ascertain compensation committee member beliefs about compensation policies and design; the effects of compensation policies and compliance regulations on corporate governance; the alignment of executive pay and shareholder interests; the effectiveness of proxy disclosure; and the impact of say on pay votes and proxy advisors on executive compensation. In addition, the research investigated the actions companies have taken, or anticipate taking, as a result of any say on pay challenges. The following report highlights the key findings and summary analysis from this study, which comprises 323 compensation committee member survey responses.

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A 2013 Opinion Survey of Compensation Committee Members

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