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Eric Marquardt

partner | St. Louis 314-932-5760


Eric Marquardt is a Partner at Pay Governance. He specializes in executive and director compensation. He has worked with a wide variety of leading public and private companies on executive and director compensation matters. His clients include Fortune 100-ranked companies as well as a number of the nation's largest private and foreign-owned companies. Eric's work focuses on designing and implementing executive pay strategies, developing performance metrics, and designing and managing stock and cash based short- and long-term incentives. He often develops solutions working in conjunction with both senior management and the compensation committee of the board.

Previous Experience

Prior to joining Pay Governance, Eric served as the Director of Executive Compensation for Merck & Co. and managed the Silicon Valley (Santa Clara, CA) office of another leading consulting firm.

Additional Information

Eric has been a frequent speaker at professional organizations such as NASPP, Conference Board and World at Work.


Eric earned an M.A. degree in industrial relations from Michigan State University and a B.A. degree in business administration from the University of Michigan.

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