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Peter S. England

consultant | Philadelphia 215-569-8505


Peter England is a Consultant in the Philadelphia office of Pay Governance with over 5 years of experience with executive and director compensation. Peter assists with a wide range of Pay Governance clients including energy, healthcare, real estate, manufacturing, and technology. He helps develop performance metrics for pay levels, compensation designs, pay for performance, and strategic analyses for client proposals. Peter assists publically-traded and private companies in several different industries such as energy, technology, insurance, real estate, and pharmaceuticals.

Previous Experience

Prior to joining Pay Governance, Peter was an account executive for three years for a nationally recognized network security firm handling clients in government, manufacturing, and financial sectors.


Peter holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from The George Washington University.

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The Evolution and Current State of Director Compensation Plans

Over the past 20 years, there has been a major shift in how large public companies have compensated their outside Directors.1 These changes have included the elimination of Board meeting fees, granting of equity compensation in the form of full-value shares, the elimination of Director retirement plans and other perquisites, adoption of stock ownership guidelines for Directors, and giving of supplemental cash retainers to Committee Chairs in recognition of their substantial time commitments to committee work. Continue reading

“The Compensation Committee: What’s in a Name?”

To qualify for the performance-based compensation exception under Section 162(m), payment of the compensation must meet several requirements, including that performance goals must be set by the corporation’s “compensation committee.” The Code defines “compensation committee” as the committee of independent directors that has the authority to establish and administer the applicable performance goals, and certify that the performance goals are met. Continue reading

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