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ISS, Share Authorizations, and New Data Verification Process

Publicly traded companies are required by the SEC and the stock exchanges to obtain shareholder approval when such companies seek to implement a new long-term equity plan or increase the share reserve pursuant to such plans. Continue reading

Conference Group report on Alternative Pay disclosure Realizable and Realized Pay

Below are two links:  1) to an article and 2) directly to the paper on the ongoing work at the Conference Board on Realizable Pay. Click this link to be taken to the Conference Board website. Click this link … Continue reading

Compensation Debate to Build as SEC Readies Pay Ratio Rule

Commission’s plan makes Senate bill to repeal Dodd-Frank pay ratio provision unlikely…. Continue reading

Homogenization of Executive Pay Plans: The Unintended Consequences of Say on Pay Votes

The confluence of Say on Pay (SOP) votes and heightened scrutiny plus the influence of proxy advisory firms (particularly ISS) are having a major unintended consequence Continue reading

Equilar and Pay Governance 2013 Proxy Season Wrap-Up

The attached slides were prepared by Equilar and presented by Equilar and Pay Governance in a webinar held on May 16, 2013. Continue reading

Heinz Shareholders Vote No On Say on Parachute (94.7M FOR vs. 103.4M AGAINST)

Heinz Shareholders Vote No On Say on Parachute Continue reading

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Building Peer Groups: A Comprehensive Approach to Provide Decision-Quality Information

Critics of executive compensation suggest that CEO pay escalates because companies chase an ever-rising market median driven by comparisons to even larger peer companies and… Continue reading

ISS and Say on Pay: Early Impressions A Murky Methodology Becomes Murkier

The third Say on Pay season is underway and Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) is continuing to exert its considerable influence on investors through its voting recommendations. Continue reading

Compensation Risk Assessments-Chapter 13 Summary

An appropriate level of risk is essential for any business to survive and produce acceptable risk-adjusted returns to investors. Continue reading

Does Executive Pay Only Rise via Ratchet / LakeWobegon Effects?-Chapter 7 Summary

The ratchet effect theory of executive pay cannot exist in isolation. Continue reading

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