Pay Philosophy

We assist in developing an overall framework and governing philosophy, which describes the company’s approach to all aspects of pay.

Award Levels

We utilize decision-quality data to assist compensation committees in making fully informed decisions.

Pay Delivery

We evaluate incentive and other executive program designs to:

  • Ensure that plans meet the company’s philosophy
  • Support corporate strategy and organization
  • Ensure performance measures are appropriate and consistent with the company’s value creation objectives
  • Improve “line of sight”
  • Align executive interests with those of shareholders
  • Be tax, accounting, and dilution efficient
  • Align pay and performance

Special Situations

  • Hiring packages/executive contracts
  • Termination packages/retirement of individual executives
  • Individual/team retention plans

Trends & Best Practices

We keep compensation committees informed and educated on emerging trends and key developments in executive compensation:

Executive Arrangements

We perform periodic reviews of executive arrangements, benefits and perquisites from both a “how” and “how much” perspective.

Corporate Governance

We work with compensation committees to ensure compliance with relevant regulations and best practices.

Our Clients

2011 Consultant League Table Reports

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