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Does Your Pay Program Balance “Pay Energy” and Pay Risk?

Our recent viewpoint “Does Your Pay Program Balance “Pay Energy” and Pay Risk? was re-posted in The Advisors’ Blog. The article can be read by clicking on the link. https://www.compensationstandards.com/member/Blogs/consultant/2017/11/does-your-pay-program-balance-pay-energy-pay-risk.html November 8, 2017

Does Your Pay Program Balance Pay Energy™ and Pay Risk?

Incentive plans have the potential to drive executives towards achieving superior results for their companies and investors. At the same time, real and perceived risks in these programs can either blunt the potential drive of management or encourage excessive risk taking. A key goal in well-designed executive incentive programs is to motivate executives to take the actions necessary to achieve strong results for shareholders while mitigating the motivation to take excessive risks. Continue reading

Does Your Executive Pay Plan Create “Drive, Discipline and Speed”?

At a recent Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) conference, two private equity firms’ operating partners observed that executive compensation programs in each and every company in which they invested had to be completely overhauled. “Of course,” quipped one CHRO, “all you need to do is grant large, upfront stock options as a one-time long-term incentive, and you don’t worry about pay after that.” Continue reading

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