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Linda Pappas

consultant | Charlotte 609-651-0049


Linda Pappas is a Consultant in the Charlotte, North Carolina office of Pay Governance. Linda has over 12 years of experience with various aspects of executive compensation, including peer group development and validation, competitive benchmarking for executives and outside directors, research and analysis of compensation practices and trends, short- and long-term incentive plan design, target setting for incentive plans, shareholder advisory voting modeling, pay-for-performance assessments, change-in-control 280G excise tax calculations, and assistance with tabular proxy disclosure. In addition, Linda is certified by ISS Corporate Services in using the ISS proprietary tool for modeling equity plan design. She works with clients across multiple industries, and spends the majority of her time with clients in the real estate, retail, financial services, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries.

Past Experience

Prior to joining Pay Governance, Linda worked in Towers Watson's Executive Compensation practice for over 6 years in the Philadelphia and Charlotte offices.


Linda graduated magna cum laude from Cornell University with a degree in Applied Economics and Management.

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