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Peter Ringlee

consultant | New York 347-708-7572


Peter Ringlee is a Consultant in the New York office of Pay Governance and a member of the Firm’s entertainment and media industry practice. Peter has over nine years of experience advising public and private clients on a broad range of executive compensation issues. His background includes incentive plan design, competitive market assessments of executive and non-employee director compensation, employment contracts, global and expatriate compensation, and equity plan approvals. Peter has client experience across a broad range of industries with specific focus in the entertainment and media, utility, and business services industries.

Past Experience

Prior to joining Pay Governance, Peter worked for three years as an executive compensation consultant in the Global Consulting Network at Towers Watson (now Willis Towers Watson).


Peter graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors from Boston College, double majoring in History and Philosophy.

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Companies have migrated a significant portion of equity compensation to performance-based long-term incentive (LTI) awards—typically performance shares or stock units (PSUs)—from stock options. Over 80% of companies in the S&P 500 now have such plans; these also now comprise the majority weighting among LTI vehicles. This trend has been driven in, large part, by the desire of Compensation Committees to place at least one-half equity compensation in the form of “performance-based” pay as defined by the proxy advisory firms. Continue reading

Is a “target range” right for your incentive plan?

As shareholders of U.S. public companies demand more accountability for performance, Boards are under increased pressure to continue to strengthen the P4P linkage of their incentive compensation plans. In a 2013 survey of Compensation Committee members co-sponsored by the NYSE, Conference Board, and Pay Governance, the top 3 “challenges” that Committees stated they were facing involved incentive pay and performance goal setting. Continue reading

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